Dr Stephanie Mallen

Speech Pathologist

B App Sc (Sp Path), PhD, MSPA, CPSP Speech and Language Pathologist

Stephanie has a passion for assisting people with speech, language and literacy issues. She is able to able to provide support to both adults and school-aged children and their families for the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of speech, language and literacy difficulties, including dyslexia. Stephanie completed her PhD in 2010 on the topic of children who have reading and auditory processing difficulties.

Stephanie also has a special interest in accent modification for non-native English speakers, increasing their communication confidence in the Australian context.
Stephanie commenced her career as a speech pathologist with the Department of Education and Children’s Services in Port Pirie and Adelaide for 7 years, during which time she was the speech – language pathologist for the Language Support Class for 3 years. Stephanie developed the screening tool known as the Screen of Phonological Awareness (SPA) in 1996. The SPA is now widely used in schools around Australia to detect children at risk of literacy failure.
Having commenced in private practice in 1995, she has worked as a speech pathologist at Westminster School and was co-president of the SA Branch of Speech Pathology Australia in 2004. She then relocated to Brisbane for 4 years, working in Catholic schools, in private practice and serving on the management committee of SPELD(QLD) while studying for her PhD. She returned to Adelaide in January 2009 and has worked in private practice since that time, in addition to owning a bookshop for 4 years and serving on the management committee of SPELD(SA).
Stephanie describes herself as a ‘progress-junkie’ and finds nothing so satisfying as facilitating successful outcomes for her clients.